Third Update from CoSPACE Ireland

22nd October 2020

1 month in lockdown

Read our third snapshot of findings from the CoSPACE Ireland study -  

We want to know how you are coping now and into the next phase of the pandemic


Parents can still take part in the Co-SPACE study -


Key findings

Over a one-month period of COVID-19 restrictions:

• Parents/carers of primary school age children and

parents/carers of secondary school age children report no change in their child’s emotional, behavioural, and restless/attentional difficulties.

• Adolescents report a reduction in their own

restless/attentional difficulties.

• Parents/carers of children with SEN and those with a pre-existing mental health difficulty report a reduction in their child’s emotional difficulties and no change in behavioural or restless/attentional difficulties.

• Parents/carer of children with a pre-existing mental

health condition report a reduction in their child’s

emotional difficulties and no change in behavioural or restless/attentional difficulties.

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