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Dr. Jennifer McMahon (Director)

Dr McMahon is a psychologist in the School of Education at the University of Limerick whose research lies in the area of social emotional development, mental health and special educational needs. Previous posts included working as an evaluator for Jigsaw, the National Youth Mental Health Centre and as project manager for the design and implementation of a mental health service for young people aged 12-25. 

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Ms Lorna Barry 

Lorna is an Irish Research Council funded doctoral candidate in the I-TEACH lab.

Lorna is a doctoral student whose research examines teachers use and understanding of evidence based practices with children with autism. Lorna completed her BSc. in Psychology in the University of Limerick, and her MSc. In Applied Behaviour Analysis in NUI Galway. In 2018 she received accreditation as a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA), and has worked with children with autism in early intervention, home and school settings for over 7 years, as well as delivering workshops and talks to educators and schools.

Ms Eibhlin Walsh​

Eibhlin is a NISE funded doctoral candidate in the i-TEACH lab. 

My research interests span the areas of education, clinical and social psychology and physical health. Incorporating these interests, my PhD is focused on the design and evaluation of school-based suicide prevention programmes for adolescents. This research will comprise of quantitative and qualitative analysis to elucidate on critical factors related to suicide and the implementation of school-based prevention

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Ms Laura Neenan 

Laura is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Psychology. 



My research evaluates how SafeTALK affects pre-service teachers’ knowledge of and capacity to respond to suicidal behaviours. I hold a BSc. in General Nursing and an MA. in Health Promotion. I work closely with the National Office for Suicide Prevention as a SafeTALK trainer to deliver workshops to a range of community groups. Previous to my  doctoral studies I worked as a research assistant with Pieta House examining the provision of services to support young people at risk of suicide.

Ms Amanda (Mandy) O’Dwyer

I am a research PhD student in the Psychology department at the University of Limerick. I completed a FETAC Level 5 in Applied Social Studies at Limericks College of Further Education and subsequently completed the BA in Psychology and Sociology and MSc in Psychological science at the University of Limerick. I have worked in social care settings for a number of years including disability and homeless services. My research interests are a combination of social, clinical and health psychology, specifically in relation to mental health and early intervention. My thesis aims to explore the nature of social support and social identity in relation to children and adolescent mental health and how can mental health services provide effective treatments, in order to promote positive mental health outcomes.

Mr Christopher Shum

Christopher is funded via the University of Limerick’s Education and Health Sciences PhD fee waiver scholarship.


Christopher is a PhD student whose research focuses on the impact of social emotional learning on psychological well-being among early adolescents, with a particular focus on emotion regulation and stress regulatory capacity. Christopher has completed a BA Psychology and Sociology from the University of Limerick and an MSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology from the University of Edinburgh. In 2018, Christopher founded Motus Learning and helped develop a social emotional learning program, which provides education on cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and neuroscience.

Ms Emma Kirwan

Emma is a Department of Psychology PhD Studentship Award funded doctoral candidate in the i-TEACH lab.


Emma’s research interests focus on loneliness in young adults and her PhD research aims to identify what contributes to the risk of loneliness in young adults. In doing so, she hopes to advance the research in this field by conducting a survey study that is informed by multi-disciplinary approaches to loneliness, complemented by the perspectives of young adults in Ireland.

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Ms Ailish Burke

Ailish Burke is a 2nd year student in the Department of Psychology studying BA Psychology & Geography. Ailish is currently working as a research assistant and administrator in the i-TEACH (Teaching for Inclusion) research lab under the supervision of Dr Jennifer McMahon. Ailish’s research interests are in the area of Education & Social Psychology. 


Ms Ciara Connolly

Ciara Connolly is a student counsellor whose interests are in psychology, education and mental health care innovation. Ciara completed her B.A. in Psychology and Sociology at the University of Limerick and she is completing an M.A. in Counselling and Psychotherapy at the Irish College of Humanities Arts and Applied Science. Ciara is currently working toward becoming an accredited counsellor in Ireland by working with children and adolescents in her own practice and alongside SOSAD. Incorporating her interests, Ciara is excited to be currently conducting research that is concerned with the evaluation of existing online counselling interventions and the development of e-interventions that are educational and promote coping, self-awareness and wellbeing. 

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