The Co-SPACE Team

Dr. Jennifer McMahon

Dr McMahon is a psychologist and Lecturer in Psychology and Inclusive Education at the School of Education, UL. Bring together both psychology and education her research interests span the areas of disability, youth and school mental health/wellbeing. Drawing on previous experience as an evaluator for Jigsaw, the National Youth Mental Health Centre and subsequently as a project manager for the design and implementation of a mental health service for young people aged 12-25 Dr. McMahon has a particular interest in the science of evaluation and implementation in translating evidence based practice to applied settings. She is the founder and director of the i-TEACH (Teaching for Inclusion) research lab at the School of Education, Faculty of Education & Health Sciences UL

Professor Orla Muldoon

Orla Muldoon is founder of the Centre for Social Issues research centre (CSI-R). Her research interests are at the intersection of social, developmental, clinical and health psychology.  Her particular interest is in the application of the social identity paradigm, a meta-theoretical perspective within psychology, which seeks to understand social phenomena through the use of group level analysis rather than the traditional modernist individual level analysis.  This perspective allows us to understand how contextual factors, such as social class or race, are internalised psychologically. Orla has recently been awarded almost €2.5m for her project ‘SIMTIC - A Social Identity Model of Trauma and Identity Change: A Novel Theory of Post-Traumatic Stress, Resilience and Growth’ by the European Research Council.

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Dr Elaine Gallagher

Elaine joined University of Limerick Psychology Department in June 2019 as a Marie Curie CAROLINE Fellowship awardee. Her research project focuses on the impact of social identity on social cohesion in relation to flood prevention behaviours. This research will consist of two quantitative studies and one large qualitative study. Prior to that she worked on three Horizon 2020 projects in the field of public acceptance and receptivity and the circular economy at the Water Science Institute in Cranfield University, UK. Elaine is also part of a large team recently awarded substantial funding from Horizon 2020 to carry out extensive research to improve urban health through sustainable urbanisation and resilience across a number of cities.   


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Dr Sharon Houghton

Sharons research and clinical interests are in the area of Child & Adolescent Mental Health. One of the areas of research and clinical interest is the clinical application of mindfulness as an approach with children and adolescents. This has lead to an interest in therapeutic landscapes and how elements of our physical space and our interaction with them, impacts mental health. Sharon is interested in a broad array of developmental disorders as they present to services including, Behavioural disturbance, Parenting, ADHD, Issues of separation and loss, viewed through an attachment lens and evidenced based interventions. 

Dr Cliodhna O Connor

Clíodhna is a post-doctoral researcher with the National Suicide Research Foundation, UCC. She previously worked on the My World Survey, a national study of youth mental health. Clíodhna graduated with a PhD in Psychology from UCD in 2018. Her research focuses on risk and protective factors of mental health and the use of technology for improving wellbeing. Clíodhna has worked as a primary school teacher in the past and is interested in bridging Psychology and Education to improve mental health


Ms Megan Ryan

Megan is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Psychology. Her research aims to combine social and health psychology to investigate the effect of inequality on health. Specifically, the possibility that inequality is a ‘stressor’ negatively affecting health. 

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Ms Eibhlin Walsh

Eibhlin is a doctoral candidate in the School of Education. Her research interests span the areas of education, clinical and social psychology and physical health. Incorporating these interests, her PhD is focused on the design and evaluation of school-based suicide prevention programmes for adolescents. This research will comprise of quantitative and qualitative analysis to elucidate on critical factors related to suicide and the implementation of school-based prevention. 

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