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Are you a parent/carer of a child aged 4 – 18 years? Could you help us learn how families are coping with the challenges of COVID-19?


COVID-19  and the restrictions on families are having an impact on the mental health of our children and young people. However much of the information we currently have is anecdotal. In response to this we have launched a new study to explore how students aged 4 – 18 years and their families are coping during COVID-19, to identify what advice and support can protect their mental health during a period of rapidly evolving pressures.


The study is entitled Co-SPACE (COVID-19 Supporting Parents, Adolescents and Children during Epidemics) is linked to a study of the same name in the UK being led by Professor Cathy Creswell, University of Oxford. The first survey will take about 25 mins, and you will be asked to participate in follow up surveys (voluntary) of about 15-20 minutes at monthly intervals.


Find the link to the study here 



The study is a collaboration between the Teaching for Inclusion Research Lab and the Centre for Social Issues and we will provide regular updates on this page of the findings  on and across our social media platforms. (@COSPACEIreland- Twitter)


30TH JUNE 2020 - 



13TH MAY 2020 - 



The Irish Co-SPACE study is linked to Co-SPACE UK run by Professor Cathy Creswell & Dr Polly Waite. Link to the UK and Irish study here




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Useful evidence-based resource for parents/carers on how to support children and young people with worries about COVID-19

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