Social Emotional Learning

At i-TEACH we have a special interest group in social emotional learning. Please let us know if you would like to be involved by emailing

We have a number of current projects in this area.


1)  Teaching adolescents to connect thoughts and feelings: Does the Motus social emotional learning support secondary school transition.

This project is investigating the Motus social emotional learning program ( across secondary school transition. It involves sixth class students filling out questionnaires and providing saliva samples before and after the Motus program, and after they transition into secondary school. For more information on the project, please email the project lead

How to provide saliva samples

As part of the Motus research, we are asking participants to provide saliva samples. We are requesting saliva samples because our saliva contains a substance known as cortisol, which measures our body's stress response. To ensure reliability and to account for any mistakes, we are asking all participants to provide saliva samples twice before the program, twice after the program and twice after they transition into secondary school. On each occasion, they will be given a spit kit, which contains three Salivettes, instructions and a short questionnaire to fill out. In order to participate, students need parental consent and they are free to withdraw from the saliva sampling at any stage, with no explanation needed. All samples will be kept confidential and destroyed after use. Please find a short video explaining the procedure below.